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6 Reasons Why I Like Local Contractor Gigs

Working locally in a small community has its definite perks. Vermont has the second smallest population of any U.S. state, so the community, in general, is very tight-knit, not to mention the even smaller Vermont contractor and construction community. Real Vermonters know a woodchuck from a flatlander, a creemee from boring frozen yogurt, and how real maple syrup should taste. But besides these crucial pieces of knowledge, being local gives our work at Dupuis Construction real meaning.

Keep reading for the top reasons why I love working locally as a home and remodeling contractor.

  1. It’s never just a job

  2. Work here has meaning

  3. There’s real community

  4. We’re inspired by hard workers

  5. We feel a connection to our surroundings

  6. There are incredible career opportunities

*We love working local! Looking for Vermont builders, Vermont contractors, or Vermont construction companies? Contact Dupuis Construction today!

1. It’s never just a job

It’s a rare day if I’m out in Wilmington or Brattleboro and don’t run into someone I know. Like I mentioned, Vermont is small, and most of us have roots in the area. Whether it’s knowing the family whose residential construction I’m managing, or the subcontractors working for me on a commercial construction project, I feel like our team is doing more than just building things. Our construction company is collaborating with individuals that we know and trust, and working for people and businesses that we share a common bond with.

2. Work here has meaning

We’re able to see how what we build improves the community, imbuing what we do with meaning. In Vermont, commerce has a conscience and there’s an incredible emphasis on environmental sustainability. Companies focus on more than just their bottom line, and this belief in the greater good of the community over dollar signs is obvious.

3. There’s real community

We love celebrating the community as a whole, sometimes in uncommon ways (see: Strolling of the Heifers). There are plenty of mom and pop shops, and most of us would prefer to shop local than support a chain. You know who you’re working with, and this creates a sense of trust and loyalty in every job we undertake.

4. We’re inspired by hard workers

Building contractors here know how to work hard, and aren’t very familiar with the concept of a ‘snow day’. Our work uniforms are flannel and parkas from Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters, and we’re out in every sort of Vermont weather, including the always pleasant mud season that comes between winter and spring. It’s inspiring to see the work ethic that exists in our area, and drives us to make Dupuis Construction the best construction business we can be.

5. We feel a connection to our surroundings

As you may have noticed, Vermont is one of four states in the country that prohibit billboards. We value our natural resources and strive to create buildings that honor our surroundings. Living in Vermont means appreciating the beauty of the area year-round, not just leaf-peeping season. Our appreciation of the landscape inspires what we build.

6. There are incredible career opportunities

Many people think career opportunity only exists in huge metropolitan areas. They would be wrong. From our new lodge construction at Mount Snow, to building homes valued at over $3M, our business has found working locally to offer unbelievable opportunities. Unemployment in the area is low, and there is currently a high demand for skilled tradesmen in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Did you know?

Vermont has high national rankings for its work atmosphere. It ranks as the:

#1 state for working moms

#6 state for work-life balance

In our area, we share more than just an 802 area code; we share an appreciation for hard work, real community and Vermont’s amazing landscape. Being a Vermont general contractor and construction company has given us a real appreciation of the advantages of working in a small town.

*We also love New Hampshire, New York and Mass, too!

If you need a New Hampshire/Massachusetts builder or New Hampshire/Massachusetts contractor, call Dupuis Construction!


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